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Business Wireless Internet

Sign up for our Wireless Broadband plan and enjoy a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. There are no data caps so your monthly service fee will not change based on data usage. Get wireless internet installed for your Business in days not weeks or months. SkyFiber can get you up and running with no build outs or waiting around for approvals. Our a la carte approach allows you the flexibility to create your own package. Need more upstream bandwidth? No problem.

Why Wireless?

  • Faster than dial up, DSL, cable and satellite

  • Goes where DSL and cable can’t

  • Locally owned and operated

  • Friendly local support

  • Always on connection

10Mbps / Medium

  • 10×10 / No Data Caps

20Mbps / Large

  • 20×20 / No Data Caps


  • 50×50 / No Data Caps

Business Fiber

With Our unique hybrid fiber optic and wireless network you’ll be able to enjoy high-speed connectivity across not just Northern Nevada, but the nation, in areas that traditional providers just can’t reach.

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Coverage Area

Our service is currently available in select areas of Northern Nevada. Please check the coverage map to see if your address is within our blue shaded coverage area. SkyFiber is the best choice for home and business broadband internet and VoIP telephone service. We make selecting the right plan for your lifestyle easy. Call us directly at 775-284-9434 to discuss the best option for your needs.