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Crystal Clear Calls

Make and receive calls over our broadband network.

Business VoIP Phone Service

Plans starting at just $30 / month

Crystal clear calling at a huge cost saving over traditional voice systems.

Why VoIP?

  • Cost savings over legacy systems

  • Supports rich internet media

  • Phone portability

  • Customizable user interface

  • No geographical boundaries

Jive Series

Best in class VoIP phones.

The Ubiquiti VoIP Phone series is an enterprise desktop smartphone solution with a brilliant, high-definition color display designed for modern communication, organization, and productivity.

Coverage Area

Our service is currently available in select areas of Northern Nevada. Please check the coverage map to see if your address is within our blue shaded coverage area. SkyFiber is the best choice for home and business broadband internet and VoIP telephone service. We make selecting the right plan for your lifestyle easy. Call us directly at 775-284-9434 to discuss the best option for your needs.