Where Broadband, Telecommunications, and the Cloud Converge


Where Broadband, Telecom, and the Cloud Converge

SkyFiber Continues to Grow

Network Enhancements

Changes galore are happening. With our recent expansion so comes the need to upgrade our core network. How you ask? Well, some new equipment was need. We have...

Hawaii Expansion

Mahalo! Yes, SkyFiber Internet is in negotiations to bring it's broadband services to Maui. Our crack sales team have been traveling to the island of Maui and...

Gualala Expansion

SkyFiber Internet has launch our service in the beautiful ocean side city of Gualala.  

The SkyFiber Difference? We Give a Damn!

Quality Products. Quality Services. Quality Customers.

A superior customer experience is the near-elimination of phone calls. SkyFiber provides such top-tier services and products that customers have no reason to call. And if a call is needed, customers will not be lost in a foreign land call center nightmare. When you call SkyFiber, you are guaranteed to speak with a local SkyFiber team member.

SkyFiber Commercial Products & Services


ITaaS — IT as a Service

DaaS — Desktop as a Service

IaaS — Infrastructure as a Service

Unified Communications & Continuity

DRSaaS — Disaster Recovery & Continuity




Fiber Internet


Cloud-Ready Internet


Construction Projects

Microwave Backhaul Links

Temporary Internet for Special Events

SD WAN — Software Defined Wide Area Network

Just How Fast is Your Internet Connection?

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SkyFiber Residential Internet

10 Mbps x 5 Mbps

This speed is great for web browsing, social networking, email, shopping, music and video streaming for homes with minimal usage needs. If you have multiple computers and televisions streaming content, then you need to consider another package.

15 Mbps x 10 Mbps

This speed is great for web browsing, social networking, email, shopping, music and video streaming for homes with medium usage needs. If you have students online and are streaming a television show, this speed will work great.

25 Mbps x 15 Mbps

This speed is great for higher usage needs, such as students being online, a parent working from home, and multiple televisions streaming content. This speed is also needed when you have large files that need to be uploaded remotely.

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